Laser Stain Treatments

Laser rays have many healing and therapeutic functions on the skin and fur. The laser beam, developed by the system of songs, also has a curative feature on skin stains.

What Stains Are Removed With The Method Of Treatment?

  • Sun spots
  • Birth stains
  • Congenital stains
  • Aging stains
  • Birthmarks
  • Freckles
Why do skin lumps occur?

The stains consist of various reasons but the first cause is sun. In addition,

  • Aging
  • Changes after drug treatments
  • Hormonal changes
  • Pregnancy
  • Various tanning light sources
  • Incorrect care product use
  • Use of poor quality cosmetics
How many sessions of laser stain treatment are applied?

The depth of each spot is different. In addition, the skin texture of each person and the degree of staining of the skin are different. Gender and skin type are also the most important factors affecting the adhesion of the stains to the skin. The number of sessions is also shaped by these factors. For this reason, there is no specific session limit for each stain type. For an average stain problem, the number of sessions can be 6 - 10.

Session Time

The session duration varies depending on the number of stains and how many separate areas the stain treatment is to be done. Again, the average time to give an idea, the time is 30 minutes.

How should Session Ranges?

The application period for this process is adjusted according to the success of the session that has been completed by the expert and the recovery prediction. This can be 1 in 3 weeks.

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