Slimming LPG Endermologie Alliance

It is the first medical technique approved by FDA with mechanical cellular stimulation technology. The Slimming LPG Endermologie Alliance is a medical device that enables faster tightening and fat burning by moving the fat tissue through the new rotary heads.

The Slimming LPG Endermologie Alliance provides 3 impacts with the same maintenance. Controlled destroying resistant oil areas, it increases hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, resulting in a firmer and smoother skin. It automatically adapts to every skin type.

It is preferred and used safely in droplets, cellulite areas and wrinkles. Slimming LPG Endermologie Alliance The LPG system, which has been proven all over the world, is used in every region of the body and in the face.


12-14 session will be needed. Duration of each sessión will be depend on the place. Usually it is 30 min. 2 – 3 sessions every week is applicable.

Where to apply:

  • Removing cellulites After liposuction shortening healing process
  • After surgery getting rid of adema
  • Fastening of metabolism
  • Rear lifting
  • Hanging on arms
  • After giving birth correcting of belly
Doing it correctly:

LPG application needs to be done through an expertise. Only with correct person you will get the correct results.

What are the prices of LPG?

For pricing please contact: 0 (553) 988 75 32

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